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New members will not receive full access to the forum, until they post a message (in introduction & achievements or Misc). Zero posters are purged annually (so be sure to post something). Members who do not verify their account will be deleted after 10 days

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1. No Cursing, Sexual Conversation Or Offensive Language.
2. English Only, Other Languages Will be deleted.
3. Respect Each Other / No Heated Arguements.
4. No Posting Meaningless Threads (Unless on Misc. Forum) or Repeated Posts.
5. No Advertising Allowed (games, software, etc...) Except for Clans in Recruiting Forum and Games under Other Games.
6. Only One Login Per Person, you must use your InGame charactername. The spelling must match exactly (capital sensitive) or you risk us deleting your account.
7. In every issue, Ironwolves' Administrators have the ultimate say. Disobeying will result in a ban. Ofcourse you are allowed to state your opinions to us.
8. Trying to sell your game account is not allowed and will result in a lifetime ban.
9. We have an anti-macro/bot policy, posting anything about it will result in a temporary ban.
10. If you have any problems with another player on this forum, contact Laelyne or Moiraine about it. In no case go fight about it yourself, Admins are the people to point other people on bad behaviour

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