Requirement: 1k Fame
Rewards: 500 fame
Quest NPC's

1. Talk to Zerd [13:100]. (Option 1 then Option 2)
2. Talk to Kahn [22:211].
3. Talk to Eugene, Archy, and Mick [33:120].
4. Talk to Zerd again.
5. Talk to Kahn
6. Talk to Zerd and quest complete.

Requirement: Level 20 No Fame Requirement
Rewards: 1000 fame
Quest NPC's

1. Talk to Eugene, Archy and Mick [35:132] two times each.
2. Go see the Professor [24:35] and ask him about Thatch. (Option 3)
3. Go find Thatch [14:162] (Option 2)
4. Go to the Secret Plains (north exit of town) until you fight Pegasus and get proof of its existence (quest item) (I usualy find along bottom between Star and the Farm
5. Return to Thatch.

Requirement: 1k Fame
Rewards: Option 1: If you turn him in to village head you get
1000 exp and 200 fame.
Option 2: If you let him go, you get
500 coins and lose 100 fame.
Quest NPC's

1. Go to "A House" [19:159] In veggie, and talk to Carnes. (Choose Option 1 twice.)
2. Go inside the house at 21:215, and talk to Village Head (It looks like you can't get in the house, but you can) (Choose Option 1)
3. Talk to Mira [62:148] in secret plain a recieve the shoe.
4. Talk to Village Head [21:215] again.
He will give you 4 options to chose from, choose number one; "Try asking male villagers to try on the shoe"
5. Talk to Mord [7:215] And question him about the shoe. (Option 1 3 times)
6. Report back to Village Head.

Requirement: None
Rewards: Golden egg, 100 fame
Quest NPC's
1. Talk to Loah [47.113] (Option 2)
2. Talk to Mira [62:148] in Secret Plains (Option 1 twice)
3. Choose option "Yes, he told me about this." if you choose "Huh who'se loch" you lose 10 fame.
3. Find four items
- Unicorn Horn from Unicorn in north west Swan Lake
- Golden Lion's Whiskers from Golden Lion in west Secret Plains
- Werewolf Fang from Werewolf in south west North Grassland
- Metal's Puppet Nose from Metal Puppet in south west Candy Mountain
4. After gathering all four items return to Mira.
5. Return to Loah to end the quest.
Thanks for updates Ivi

Requirement: Fame Requirement of 2.15k - 3.7k
Rewards: Level 3 Capsule, 200 fame
Quest NPC's
1. Talk to Croix's wife in Croix's house [34:34].
2. Talk to Croix. (Option 1)
3. Talk to Mika in the Secret Plains.
4. Enter the Mysterious House.
5. Work your way through the maze and find Tarana in the upper left corner.
6. Return to talk to Croix and his wife.
Upon completing the Saving Miss Veggie quest, I noticed that there seemed to be a "hint" that there was more so please keep eye out and let me know.
Thanks for updates Asher

Requirement: Vintage Shaoxing, Fried Pork (fried meat)
over 7k or less Fame Needed and I believe level 30
Rewards: 30000 experience, 1000 fame
Quest NPC's

1. Talk to Sik in a house called "A House" [46,148] near the Healer. (Choose Option 1)
2. Talk to Kavana [12,17] by the Silver River in Western Grassland.
3. Find and fight Robber Ruan in Genie Desert [44:195]. (Lv.40 with 2000+ HP)
4. Talk to Drunk Dragon [75:217] in the south east corner of Genie Desert.
5. Give him one Vintage Shaoxing and Fried Pork.
6. Enter the cave and fight Water Owls for Vanilla Ice Cream. Each partymember must have one.
7. Go to the 2 on the map. Defeat 3 Dragon Guards (lv.60) within 5 minutes.
8. Give Hungry Dragon the Ice Cream.
9. Enter level 2 and fight Raptorians and Mud Crawlers for Blue Key ("key of transformation").
10. Enter the door the in the upper right corner using the key of transformation and defeat Dragon Boss [23,46] (Lv.70, hp about 20.000) to receive a Peach.
11. Return to Kavana to finish the quest.
12. Return to Sik, to see him say thank you
13. If you are a Beastmaster refer to the quest "open the peach" in western grasslands questlist to receive a random pet. (Example: Grady received a mud frog)


When the three dragon guards are killed, The leader must disband the group (the Leader is the only one needing the IceCream. If you do this step correctly), Talk to the "hungry dragon". WAIT at where it gives you the option to click "HERE I GO" Type to everyone in "talk" mode" To Join you". Then click the "Here I Go" option".

This here is a bit of a bug and saves on time having to go hunting for 6 icecreams

NOTE: This bug /trick will result in 1 person out of the 5 people in a party being unable to get the blue gem to complete the quest

Thx for info Leon

Note: If you fight the Guard dragon's and end up not having the icecream on you, and have to go fight monsters to get an icecream the guard dragon's appear to get harder the second time around.

Note2: once battle has been completed and the dragon king is dead Everyone is to disband from Party Leader and talk to the King, the king then gives you the peach and teleports you to the entrance. Everyone who was there when the king died Finishes thequest and recives the peach.

Note3: Myself and a group of others did complete this quest using the above method on July 08 2005, however 1 person did not get the peach, we re did the same above procedure and this time they did get the quest. (No clue why or what happened) so Use at your own risk and time.

Thanks AzureSky for the update

Corrections Tashah / Picture Submition by Freeze