Thumbelina Quests:

Rewards: Level 2 capsule
Requirements: 1000 fame
Quest NPC's

1. Talk to Holiday (23,103) (Option 1)
2. Go Goldburg city the tavern to buy special wine from
Will (Option 1)
3. Take wine too Holiday
4.Go to Ilium outside find Jefka (25:26)
5. Go to genie desert find Lira (61,40) to buy seed
for 2000 coins (Option 1)
6. Bring back to holiday and your quest is complete.


Thumbelina's Disappearance
Requirement: Finish Thumbelina (Can start at level 25 and at least 2853 fame)
Rewards: 5000 Coins , 300 Fame
Quest NPC's

1. (Option 1) Agree to find Maya - Head to south east of puppet hill
2. Buy a minifying glass from mikefar witch. go down and to left a bit right click your mini glass (In your inventory) when you are next to the can in the ground(Location).
3. Talk to Self-Complacent Frog(76:60) or Strong Rhinoceros Beetle(77:60) at B2, Tin Can Tunnel
4. Talk to Blackie the Cat, Flash the Cock, and willy the Bull in Puppet Hill. (showing them their picture).
5. Return to the frog and rhinoceros beetle.
6. Return to Holiday
Updates from Findy

Thumbelina's Heritage
Requirements: Thumbelina, Thumbelina's Dissapearance
Rewards: 350k exp and 3k fame
Quest NPC's

1. Holiday asks you to go ask Maya to come home.
2. Talk to Dippe in Lotus Land (23:78) (Choose Option 2)
3. Talk to Mere (54:139) Your told a sad story.
4. Talk to witch Amplifar (12:46) in Puppet hill foot. You have to use the minifying glass to see her. (Purchase a minimize lens from Mikefar witch and go to the can, once you have shrunk yourself the top left corner (12:46) Witch Amplifar stands, just out of your eyesite)
5. Collect 7 coloured stones from the mobs in Lotus pond. (swallows drop the stones) also can be in a party to recieve the stones. (Monsters are in the 60's)
6. Talk to witch Amplifar again and she will start to fight you. She's a lvl 100 boss, with 300k hp (I think?). She summons 5 dark dragons to help her.
7. Go to North Dark Forest (north/west from Emerald City) and enter a hidden map at the upper right corner. On this hidden map you need to find Brena. She is at 11:29. The woods are hard to get through, it's like a maze. Don't give up.
8. Fight Brena. (lvl 100, 385+ dex, uses superburst and life draw).
9. After you kill Brena, talk to her and she will teleport you to witch Amplifar again; talk to the witch and she will give you a necklace to give to Dippe.
10. Go to Lotus Land and talk to Dippe (23:78)
11. Go around the castle and find Thumbelina (8:31) in the back, she will give you a random doll as reward.
12. Go back to Holiday (23:103) in Ilium.
Updates from Findy and Endril

Some Love and Happiness
Requirement: Finished Thumbelina's Heritage(wait 24 hours before you can start)
Rewards: Capsule lvl 3 and 25k coins.
Quest NPC's

1. Talk to Thumbelina in Lotus Land (behind the castle).
2. Talk to Siner (19:118).
3. Bring her 10 jade fruit, 5 lily, 3 deer horn and 5 turtle. After you bring this, you have to wait for one or two in-game days.
4. Return to Siner and get a potion.
5. Bring the potion to Thumbelina.
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Thanks to: Jins, Blingbling, Moiraine, Gigant, Laplace