Rainbow City

Mission in Gion
Requirement: None
Rewards: Teleport Servive
Quest NPC's
1. Talk to Sirth at (260:635)
2. Send the letter to to Jessica at (222.408)
3. After talk to Jessica Return and talk to Sirth then the quest is complete
PS.10 lvl below is free ,start from lvl 11 start need pay price(level X 10)

Requirement: None
Rewards: 2000 exp point ,50 reputation
Quest NPC's

1. Talk to Liv (119:447),then go find Royton in his own house (126:430)
2. Check out the Tyler (133:497) near the Carpenter's
3. Go back to Royton take the Bell and go find Tyler again
4. Return and talk to Royton ,he ask you go find Perth (154:377)(By the teleporter) ask for gem
5. Go give the gem bell to Tyler then go back tell Royton and the quest is complete

Requirement: 50 fame above
Rewards: 1000 coins 30 reputation
Quest NPC's
1. Talk to Betty (179:390)
2. Bring a Bass ( Fishing level 30) go find the cat (180:700) (Option 1)
3. After give the Bass to the cat ,go back tell Betty and the quest is complete

Requirement: Missing Cat Quest
Rewards: 500 Fame
Quest NPC's
1. Talk to Betty (179:390) in Rainbow City
2. Offer to help get Wild Eel (Option 2)
3. Fight Monsters in Swan Lake for Eel (Pegasus droped it for me)
4. Bring Eel back to Betty
Update: AolWar has picked up the quest around : 1540 Fame

Requirement: Fame 1000 /level 15 above
Rewards: Option 1 got 100 reputation ,2000 coins
Option 2 got 200 reputation ,1000 coins ,
Quest NPC's
1.Talk with Rumfetz (195:766), and he ask you to help get rid of the Hooligan (choose option 1 reason with him)
2. Enter the house (Right Click the key in your bag) meet the Hooligan you got 2 option to choose
3. Option 1(but isn't this Rumfetz house)
Option 2 (But I'm standing here, isn't this now my house) followed by option 1 recieve 200 reputation ,1000 coins -

Glass Slippers
Requirement: 200 fame above
Rewards: 5k Coins
Quest NPC's
1. Talk with Loo (218:592) and help him find the find the Glass Slippers owner (Option 2 -> Option 3 -> Option 1)
2. Go find Sandra (188:362) (She's near the armorer)
3. Go find Madame Maria (113:487) to borrow item for Sandra (She's Across from the petstore)
4. Give the item to Sandra
5. Report to Loo an the quest is complete

Statue Of The Happy Prince
Requirement: 50 fame above
Rewards: 1 Red Crystal of Happyness, 2k Experience
Quest NPC's

1. Talk to the Happy Prince statue (182:291) (Option 2 when asked)
2. Help him to send a Crystal to Mel Rainbow City Suburbs(85:345) (Exit the top exit(left of happy prince) of town and head to the left where the small house is)
3. Go back to the Happy Prince to take the second Quest
4. Send the Crystal to Sharpe (124,509) (The block south of the pet store)
5. Go back to the Happy Prince to take the third Quest
6. Find Julie (278,412) and she will give you a flower, give the flower to the Happy Prince and the Quest is complete (Right side teleporter head south into the three house complex area there,that's where Julie is)
Corrections: DemonWolf

Requirement: 5000 fame above
Rewards: level 2 capsule, 1500 reputation if you choose
(come come .....) if you buy the match
level 2 capsule, 1000 reputation choose
(come come.....) If you attempt to buy the matches but do not have enough cash. (1k)
level 2 capsule, 1300 reputation
(come come .....)if you didn't buy the match
level 2 capsule ,1000 reputation if you choose
(stop playing trick...)
1000 reputation if you arrest her .
Quest NPC's

1. Talk to the Guard Captain (205:514) to begin the quest
2. Check for info about the fire, talk to 3 persons walking around the city:
- Yani(258:381) in front the fish market
- Marlene (220:329) left of the fish market (and up the street (north)
- Lima (223:716) southwest of the city (main teleporter head left towards the fountain and activity host)(Below the fountain)
3. Report to the Guard Captain and tell him < Match-selling girl >
4. Go find Match-selling girl (263:621)
5. Return to the Guard Captain and the quest is complete
Thank you RaNa for some corrections and missing info found for this quest