Port Pebbles Quests

Precious Comb
Requirement: Maiden's Prayer
Rewards: 10k EXP - 20 blood circulators and 10 turtles
Catch the cap 3 pet - (Rare TP as reward)
Quest NPC's

1 Starts at Sinclair in Sinclair's house at (15:158)
2 Fight Metal Seahorses in Skywalker Sea (have an oxygen gum handy) for the comb
3 Sinclair asks you to go find Monica (18:95) and giver her the comb
4 Monica tells you it's not the right comb and sends you to see Deack
5 Deack's House at (27:269) - asks you to get memory potion from witch in Snow White Forest
6 Witch in Snow White Forest - she asks for 20 blood circulator and 10 turtles or you can catch her a <random cap3 pet from one of the islands>
in return she gives you a memory potion for Deack
7 Deack thanks and asks you to give comb to Monica
8 Monica uses comb and hair falls out
9 Sinclair fights you (lvl 30) 5k HP

Note: Quest log says Tiac but it is Deack
Quest Submited by Bobbinski, and Trivium69.

Check back here later to see if any new quests spin off this one.