Goldburg Lake

Wisdom Scroll
Requirement: Finished Shirian mysteries
Rewards: 45.000 exp, 20.000 coins with 6 correct answers
60.000 exp, 27.500 coins with 9 correct answers
30.000 coins 65.000 exp plus 1 capsule level 2 with 10 correct answers.
Quest NPC's
1. Walk around in Goldburg Lake and find 2 parts of the wisdom scroll (any monster)
2. Bring the scrolls to Hamini the Wise at Goldburg Lake
3. Go hunt slime goo from the woodies (wood slimes) in Rosen Lake or Slime Maze
4. Bring the slime goo and the scrolls to the Carpenter in Gion. He will glue them together in a few minutes and he gives you the Wisdom Codex (a book)
5. Bring the book to Hamini the Wise in Goldburg Lake. He sends you back to the Carpenter in Gion, because the scrolls were glued the wrong way.
6. The Carpenter will repair his mistake but needs more time now: a few days game time.
7. Bring the new book to Hamini. He explains that it is a quiz and proposes that you answer his questions. It seems to be a one-time chance. The quiz consists of 10 questions (I think) about Fairyland. You have time to read each question and the answers properly and then choose one of four options. There is no time to look it up, because then there will be time-out. It seems to be alright if you wait too long, then you get a second chance, but have to start all over. Here is a summary of some questions:

- Which hotkey is used to show the happy face emoticon? - With which key can you save a screenshot? - Pra is village head of which town? - How many teleporters are there in the big towns to move around inside? - How many spaces are there in your backpack? - How many members (max.) can there be in a clan lvl 1? - How many members (min.) must there be in the clan that wants to upgrade with Clan Honour book? - What service is offered by the witch in Snow White Forest? - What is the level of the beasts in Tulip Island? - What is the cost of a cap1 in the pet shop? - How much does it cost to make a cart lvl 1? - Which lvl 1 pet would have higher dex? (you must know the typical stats of pet species and elements) - Which lvl 1 pet would have higher int? - How much is the 2nd/3rd prize in the lottery? - What are the benefits of the cart-pulling skill?
Correction by Shukster, and updates from Ivi, Laelyne, Magdalena, blingbling, Moiraine, Anxious87.

Treasures of Goddess Shiria
Requirement: Mysterious Room Quest
Rewards: 15 Boiled Bass, 10 Sweet Kiss, 1 Health Card, random Coins (5k - 8k?), random Fame (200 - 300?), Random doll, Random card, Random transformation potion
Quest NPC's
1: Talk to Hamini the Wise (71:169)
2. Go to Secret Plain and find the location (36:92) of Treasure of Goddess Shiria
3. Right click the dragon bone key to enter.
4. Fight and defeat Idreus.(Choose Option 2) (level 70 with 15k hp's) 6 Misc Muts 41-43ish
5. Open 8 boxes.
Note: I attempted by myself to see, and was killed with a spell that did i believe 3k damage and killed me instantly.
Note 2: Only allowed 3 People in group when you fight him.

* Thx to Jins Blingbling and Moiraine for Updating