Journey To Illium
Requirment: None
Rewards: Teleport Service
Quest NPC's
1. Talk to Picardo (79:88)
2. Send the letter to to Norma (76:152)
3. After talk to Norma, Return and talk to Sirth then the quest is complete
Note: Below level 10 is free, starting at lvl 11 need to pay price (level X 10)

Requirment: Level 10+
Rewards: 100 reputation, 2500 coins
Quest NPC's
1. Talk to Mort (50:192)
2. Go talk with Dessa(53:96) in Smiling Forest (Complete Apple Pie Quest First)
3. Bring 10 peaches and 10 peppermints to Tracy (30:338)
4. Go back to Tracy after 2 months (in-game time)(about 48mins)and bring her 500 coins
5. Report to Mort

Requirment: 50 fame or above level 10
Rewards: 1 Hand Axe, 50 reputation
Quest NPC's
1. Willis (103:127)(Choose Option 1) (right side of main teleporters walk to the right he's in one of the "A House's" wants you to send a scroll to Daker at the Ilium Blacksmith (49:180)
2. Go back to Willis and he will need you to bring him 10 iron ingots. (Option 1)
3. Bring Willis the 10 iron ingots and the quest is complete
(Buy ingots in metal shop)

Requirment: Level 7 or above
Rewards: 3000 exp point, 50 fame, coral necklace
Quest NPC's

1. Talk to Jessica (43:467)(Near GB Hospital) (Choose Option 1) then go to Ilium to find Pellaso (29:55) (Near entrance to VOF with the Bulletin board.
2. Then go back to Goldburg and speak with Guise The Gambler (114:452)(He's next to blacksmith down and to the right) to learn some gambling tricks.
3. Go back to Jessica and tell her what you just learned.
4. Go to The Tavern (57:294)(below Smithy) and gamble with Reiley
5. Go back to Jessica and tell her about Reiley. Your quest is now complete.

Requirment: Level 10 above
Rewards: 3000 exp point, 50 reputation
Quest NPC's
1. Talk to Mulan (89:296) (Option 2)
2. She will greedily ask you to give her 10 apples, 10 lesser healing potions and 4 iron ingots. Once you hook her up with the goods the quest is done.

Requirment: 200 fame or above level 11
Rewards: 100 reputation, level 2 capsule
Quest NPC's

1. Rupert (69:157)(Top City teleporter left side house) (Chose Option 1) wants you go take a pill from Dr.Don (58:500)
2. Go to Jeffy (118:336) Right side city teleporter and go down to the left first house. Then go out side of Goldburg find Granny Evy (126:51) (northeast of Goldburg) (Inner Circle) (Exit top of gb and head right)
3. Go take 3 bottles from Jeffy
4. Go find fresh bear liver in Bluebird suburbia, poli blood at Southern Grassland and slimy glue at Rosen Lake
5. Bring these items to Granny to make the potion
6. Bring the potion to Rupert and the quest is done
Note: I got slimy glue from woodies in slime maze

Requirment: Level 20 or 21 maybe fame?
Rewards: 400 reputation, level 2 capsule
Quest NPC's
1. Talk with Baron Rufus (66,88),(Option 1)and he will want you help him go find Hamini (70:170) at Goldburg Lake
2. Report to Baron Rufus after you speak with Hamini
3. Go find Risa (92,240)(Above npc store to the left) and she will ask you come back after a couple of months (in-game time) (1 IRL day later)
4. Talk to Risa two months later, report to Baron Rufus, and enjoy your shiny new level two capsule with some reputation on the side.

Correction from Shoukrie, conrad, and Aurora

Requirment: Level 20 or above recommended
Rewards: 100 reputation, 1 malachite necklace
Quest NPC's
1. Talk to Joanna(135:486) outside of Goldburg (Inner Circle, exit East side of Goldburg and head south) (Choose Option 1)
2. Go find the red lamb (18:226) at Genie Desert
3. Defeat Reco(Lvl 25) then go back to tell Joanna that the quest is complete no thanks to her.

Requirment: Level 25 or above
Rewards: 500 reputation, a very pretty level 2 capsule
Quest NPC's

1. Talk with Calvin and Freddy (7:230) outside of Goldburg (Outer Circle left exit, head north) (Choose Option 1)
2. Go find Coya (46:58) in Ilium. (House top right of illium)
3. Hunt out Halberg (80:18) in Puppet Hill (Top Right) and ask about Vira.
4. Go to Genie Desert and save Vina (16:221)(Bottom Left House) from the bandits
5. You need to rock Yuri The Bandit's (level 30 with 3 beasts) world. Win or lose, afterwards talk with Vira and she will promise to go home.
6. Report to Freddy and the quest is finished.
Update: Visionary determined it is level 25 not 27 for this quest.