List of quests with a capsule as reward.

Note: only capsule rewards are mentioned, any other rewards are left out of this list

Gion PowerCap 1
The treasure chestcap 2
Goldburg Tooth problemcap 2
The perfect marriagecap 2
So far from homecap 2
Ilium Denni needs a petcap 2
Rainbow city The arsonistcap 2
Veggie Saving miss veggiecap 3
Candy mountain Lambs in destresscap 3
Rosen Lake Mysterious potioncap 3
Sleepy town Sleeping Sophiacap 3
Heart of rockcap 3
Valley of fear Insommolence maurcap 2
The mysterious roomcap 2
Alice in wonderland Patch The cheshire catcap 1
Wizard of Oz Patch Rescue timid lioncap 3
Thumbelina Patch Thumbelinacap 2
Some love and happinesscap 3
Thanks to: Ojibwa