Arch Mage Quest


Requirement: Element Control level 50, Learnt Bloodboil, Advance class
Location: Temple of Fire, Southern Grassland
Detail: Attack all enemies in one row. Uses 110 mp

- Talk to the Fire Sage (26:25) Temple of Fire, Southern Grassland.
- Go to Hearsay Island and collect 10 Hot rocks from Burning Rocks

Form a party or solo, both can be done. If soloing, wear flee boots and raise encounter rings. If there are not Burning rocks, just run, will take time to complete this.

- Bring the Hot rocks back to the Fire Sage.
- Find the Secret old man, (80:211) Secret Plains.
- The old man will want you to drink some water. The water will reduce your hp. You will need to drink 5 times. Remember to bring hp potions. You can use potions while talking to the old man.
- Find Poby (77:198) Hearsay and return to the Secret old man.
- After talking to the Secret old man, return to the Temple of Fire.
- Talk to the Fire Sage and you will fight a fire pet (around level 60). Running away will cause the fire pet to switch into another
- Defeat the fire pet and you will learn Vulcan

~quest ends~


Requirement: Element Control lv 53, Learnt Metal Crush, Advance class
Location: Temple of Metal, Goldburg Lake
Detail: Single attack. Uses 70mp

- Talk to Metal Sage (12:19) Temple of Metal, Goldburg Lake.
- Talk to Bud (77:180) Goldburg
- Look for Sanfer (28:248) Pineapple Hill
- Talk to Fire Aibo (11:333) and he will initiate fight, after fight talk to him to obtain the key (Wonder cap) to enter into the Mysterious cave.
- Use (right click) the Wonder cap to teleport into the Mysterious cave.
- Find and talk to Witch Buliser (16:146). She will ask for Metal Sage’s Metal Spellbook in exchange for the Crystal ball.
- Go back to the Metal Sage and you will get a fake Metal Spellbook.
- Go back to Pineapple Hill and use the Wonder cap.
- Give the fake Metal Spellbook to Witch Buliser and the Witch will discover that the spellbook is a fake. This initials a fight.

You will fight fire and metal dogs (level 5x – 65).

- Defeat the dogs and talk to Witch Buliser and obtain the Crystal ball.
- Bring the Crystal ball to the Metal Sage and you will learn Summon Mars.

~quest ends~

Ice Worm

Requirement: Element Control Lv 56, Learnt Ice spike, Advanced class
Location: Temple of Water, Rosen Lake
Detail: Attack all enemies in a row. Uses 100 mp

- Talk to Water Sage, Temple of Water, Rosen Lake.
- Go to Candy Mountain, Talk to Labondal (21:326). Select 21,000 coins.
- After paying, Labondal will give you an Iron can and tell you to go to the Magical Tree (27:169) and use the iron can to knock on the tree, 3 times.

Note: There appears to be a possible random factor at this point the coordinates for the "magical tree" I have (26:264 / 30:170 / 12:145 by 2 other people at about the same time.) (malasia16 and Multivira)

- Do as Labondal says and you will be teleported to the Lion, Bashin (33,162)
- You can either fight Bashin or give 50 Yellow Fish Soup

Note2: Bashin is easy to beat, one or two Hephaestus should be enough to defeat him

- After Bashin’s trial, you will be teleported to a pond. Meet Melody and she will ask you 3 questions. Answer them correctly and you will receive Water of Life.

Examples of questions:
- Bring the Water of Life to the Water Sage and you will learn Ice Worm.

~quest ends~


Requirement: Element Control 65, Learnt Rock spike, Advance class
Location: Temple of Earth, Northern Grassland
Detail: Attack all enemies in a row. Uses 105 mp.

- Talk to Earth Sage (27:32) Temple of Earth, Northern Grassland.
- To prove your worthiness, go to Veggies and look for Opler (He moves around, found him at 9:47 or 8:184?)
- Find Opler and he will ask for some potions (random). Give him the potions he wants and he will tell you to look for Disco.
- Find Disco, Sleepy Lake (11:84) and he will want 20 turtles. Give him the turtles.
- Return to Opler and he will ask you a question. Answer it

- Return to Earth Sage and say that you are worthy.
- Talk to the Earth Sage and he will test you. Defeat the stone puppets (Lv 60) and you will learn Altas.

~quest ends~

Meteor Blast

Requirement: Element Control 65, Level 80, Learnt all previous god spells, Advance class
Location: Mitiru (68:48), Southern Grasslands
Detail: Attack all enemies. Uses 250 mp.

- You must first reach level 80 and 65 EC
- Acquire all previous god spells (Ares, Ice Worm, Hephaestus, Atlas).
- Acquire 15000 faith points or more
- Go to Southern Grasslands and speak to NPC Mitiru at (68:48), she will teach you Meteor Blast.

~quest ends~

Credit: Pipa's Forum, StarCatcher, Jasper, Cancerian, ICatchPets, Laelyne