Garden of Live Flowers

Work Skill
Work Skill
Work Skill

Garden of Live Flowers

1. Entrance to
Rabbit Playground
2. Entrance to
North Kitty Forest
3. Daisy Monster

Level Range:
Blue Rose (Water) - 41 - 45
Wood Daisy - 41 - 45
Water Bell - 46 - 50
Wood Burrower - 46 - 49 (Can't find 50)
Wood Bell - 51

Note: To enter North Kitty Forest you need a
"Wormy Bread" droped off the monsters in this area.
Note2: Daisy Monster has 95k Hp's and gives out the daisy emblem for shortcut that by passes the Garden Of Live Flowers from Bunny Playground into North Kitty Forest (Refer to Bunny Playground map).

Drops: Green Worm Bread, Fine Wool, Yogurt, Hemlock, Gold Sand, Titanium ore, Ringbone, Blue crystal, Body shield, Silvery robe, Silver clothes, Blood wand, Yew wand, Armor piercing sword

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