Dwarves Gone Wild
- - - - - - - - - - -

Rainbow City Police detained two wild and drunken dwarven men evidently celebrating their wedding engagements! A few photos were snapped moments before tazer guns were used;

The drunken duo attempted a quick escape only to get into a wreck... with each other!

By this time the RBC police had a clear description of the culprits and therefore a disguise was needed;

Once the police had been thrown off the trail it was time to get back to serious drinking. Not too long after it was time to call it a night and the happy future hubbies passed out while the kitties stood guard;

And who are these ladies? Who were the happy dwarves so excited about having accepted their hands in marriage?
Well Tashah and galadriel123 of course!!!
MeFisher and Grolgan... FL's happiest hubbies to be!

Written and Created by Grolgan