Trader Guide

There are Four Different
Types of Trader
Worker Trader - One of the Easiest to explain, at level 10 when you choose your final class to become a trader you receive an extra two bonuses. First for every one point of Str you receive 75 weight. Secondly when you sell in market You are able too use 4 pages in your stand. The obvious benefits are As you level pump everything into strength to get the most weight possible too hold the most.
Luck Trader - As with worker trader you still gain the bonuses for weight. However as the name sounds this is where you pump everything into Luck the higher your luck the better your chances of rare gems while working, finding rare drops, dolls, cards, element crystals etc. Higher luck also controls your dodge as well as your chance too hit. (However this does not mean your superman and can never be hit or will live forever LoL) I personally have not seen anyone trying this trader and I started one but never went far with it out of boredom. If someone does make one let me know how it works out.
Battle Trader - My Definition of a battle trader, is a trader that deals damage, can take damage, attacks first, with a lot of life.
Battle / Worker Trader - My MeFisher Character is known as a worker and a fighter. I started MeFisher as a Worker and because of the variety of skills that I found interesting I have turned him into a Battle Trader. I have a bit of a unusual balance. I started by putting everything into Str and con till about 30con and 10k worth of strength. Now as you can imagine under the right circumstances I do deal a lot of damage with that much strength, However my downfall has been the lack of Dexterity. Since level 45-55ish I have been pumping all my points into Dex in order to compensate. If someone was too follow in these steps. I would seriously stress too make two separate types of traders. One for Worker One for Battle and not make my mistakes.
Trader's Skills
Dodge / Hide / Invisible
These three skills are really wonderful and handy in emergencies or near death situations. Personal I prefer too stand there and try and deal the damage instead of hiding. If I hide I weaken the party because they are hit more.
Acceleration / Illusion / Mirage
Acceleration - Boosts your Hitrate Higher thus allowing for better chance too hit the monster and deal damage.(I always use this skill)
Illusion - Increases your chance too Dodge an attack. This skill is not always needed especially if you have a High AC. Also if you take time too use every skill you decrease your chances too do damage. You'll need too find out which is your priority Deal damage or Dodge attack. (I usually use either Acceleration or Illusion not both, "Only" time I do is with a major boss that is known too deal a lot of damage I then "buff/power up" to the extreme.)
Mirage - Will Not be Hit in the next successful hit. A handy little skill if you want a monster too not hit you. However as nice as this sounds It has a huge disadvantage as follows.
1) When you are fighting a group of 5 monsters. you use Mirage, this means you avoid one successful hit, but you will take 4 others. The only way This skill truly benefits you is if you are in a group and are the weaker member you constantly use Mirage too stay "hidden" but attackable. However you are now forgoing your "attack phase" in order too re cast the Mirage skill making yourself a "Dummy target"
2) If you PK this skill is lovely. You cast the skill and you will avoid a major hit. (Example: A swordsman uses windy sword on you normally that'd hit you for 1200 or more. but you avoided that attack this means you get a nice extra hit in that was not expected, slight but possible chance to win a PK.)
Bribe / Treachery / Bargaining
Bribe - Bribes an Enemy so that it attacks others in your party first. Price is level of the monster x 20. Bosses cost even more, useless against other players. (Kind of a Handy Skill, but I hardly use it I prefer a attack and don't like anyone in my party to be hit more or less because of me using skills too avoid combat, that's just me)
Treachery - Bribes an enemy to attack it's own Party. Price is level of the enemy x 40. Bosses cost even more. Useless against Other Players. ( I absolutely love this skill, and good for a crack up laughing watching the Bosses killing his own minions. I use this skill All the time.)
Bargaining - Lower the Price while buying and Higher prices when selling. ( I couldn't live without this skill It is a very Nice skill and very helpful. However I would not level it past 30 it becomes to expensive for the small benefits you receive. At level 30 you receive a +60% selling to the NPC and a 6.4% cheaper buying from the NPC. Upon each level after 30 you receive a (.3% increase selling to NPC, and a .2% buying from NPC per level.)
Fortuna / Looting / Picking
All Three Skills are nice. Fortuna increases the amount of cash you receive at the end of each battle.
Looting allows you to receive more items at the end of combat, also I believe semi increases the odds of finding quest items.
allows for finding random cash too finding rare items (cards/dolls) right off the ground completely random but nice when it happens. I have personally received over 1 k coins just walking on Rosen Island.
Fist and Abacus
Before Mermaid patch all a trader had too fight with was their Fist. You "could" use sticks but you did not receive a bonus or benefit from it.
Fist deals more damage with your fists as the level increases. Mostly unnecessary to even bother leveling since as of the Mermaid Patch the Abacus Skill was added.
- Levels and Deals the same way as your fists however you can gain bonuses in damage the higher your abacus is as well as the stats that are on the abacus. (Personally I'd level Abacus and Ignore Fists. Unless they change the benefits in a later patch)
Fist -Red Beetle, Flame Pegasus, and Red Butterfly. Fire Bear, Fire Skeleton, and Flame Tiger. (I use a Flame Tiger Myself)
Combat/Healing - Light owl, light sheep, gem crawler, rice bunny, light pegasus, light cloud, metal slug, metal crawler, gold cloud, flaming pegasus, red beetle, red butterfly, Wood Tiger, (Good against earth and water, grows strongly in Con and can take a beating and still deal damage back)
(Myself I use a Metal Lion whom deals a lot of nice damage allows for boost / berserk, full heal, Combo)
Armor -
Pure Defense-
Wood Crab, Pie Aibo, Wood Poli, Wood Hog, Wood Tiger
Defense and Dodge

(recommended if you choose to have armor pet)-
Mud Slime, Mutt, and Earth Poli Earth Aibo
Magic / Good Will - Black Sheep
Stat Distribution - This depends on the type of trader you have decided to make. If you are making a battle trader concentrate on 2 con 1 dex till your con is about 30-40, Then your dexterity up to around 30-40 and finally work on your str. (If I had the option to restart my character I would take this route as I increase my final hp's, allow for me too take a lot more damage and keep going. If you want major Con I'd suggest aim for 50 con right from the start. By the time you hit level 60 you'll have at least 2-3k hp's.
Leveling Trading / Bargaining Skill- I suggest to do this either right away at a low level or by the time you are in the 20's. Have at least 500k, Lost of Hp's and Mana potions, and a few fighting dolls (2 at the most) I spent 5 hours one day and leveled from 2-30 in the Slime Maze.

Gear -
Abacus - You can buy a starter abacus from any newbie shop or if you have a friend ask them to make you a low level one so you deal more damage. Same goes for the rest of your low level armors. Once you hit 15-20 make sure to upgrade your armor to custom made instead of store bought. You'll find the store ones are definitely inferior to the specially made ones.

At Level 30 I would suggest if you can afford it to purchase a year of Fairyland you'll get a Fantasy Armor Set. This set of armor will have wonderful stat bonuses that will help you out a lot Just rember to repair it :-P.

I'm finding out now a days that I should have stuck with my Fantasy gear. I'm finding that the Fantasy Set was extremely high in AC which increases your dodge and avoiding damage / absorbing damage. I had attempted too purchase higher level gear and found that nothing out performs the Fantasy Gear in AC..

Fantasy Sable Fur Gloves -
AC 40
DEF - 100
Str 5
Fantasy Sable Fur Boots
AC 30
Dex 5
Fantasy Patterned Leather Armor

AC 100
DEF - 240
(I choose these over higher defense cause greater ac helps avoid hit's more)
Dex 6
Fantasy Magic Crown

AC 30
Dex 5

Fantasy Celestine Necklace
Dex 5
Luck 5

Fantasy Amber Ring
Dex 5
Luck 5
(I use a an exp +30% ring usually when leveling)

Out of these I suggest the armor, gloves, crown,boots, and necklace the Ring is nice but the exp ring helps a bit more then the dex unless certain situations call for dex. Unfortunately they don't offer a fantasy abacus. Or it has been added since I got this set Seven months ago.

For a worker Trader I suggest getting the most possible for Str in amulet/necklace and even if your using your battle trader you can do some basic work skills with your natural strength you get as you level. Having a str necklace and rings help increase your weight, Try and get yourself the fantasy gloves as the +5 to str helps a lot

For Worker, Luck , and Battle trader you might want too consider Luck gear, and a Good Will Pet. Especially if you do Production work such as making jewelry / armor making / abacuses. You have a Higher chance too make extremely good gear the higher your luck is.

Raising your pets.

If you can afford too or have a higher character already I would suggest to try and create a "con" pet accessory set starting from level 1-30. A few things too consider about Pet Accessories, At level 1 you increase your pet's con by 1 point. if your pet can learn cart pulling at level 5 make a con cart and place it on your pet You get the picture.

Level 1 - Con +1
Level 5 - Con + 2 (Con cart, not all pets can learn Push Cart so those pets that can not you will have too wait till level 10 for the +2 con Accessory)
Level 10 - Con +2
Level 20 - Con + 3

I know it does not sound like much, but my theory is that having more con, gives you more con or at least a better chance of more con as you level. 1 point gain per level "may" not be much, but in the 20's and 30's I can see a larger gain in con and greater Hit Points.
Now the Pet's I suggest doing this too would be Pie Aibo, (Pie Aibo can be used as an emergency hp replinisher. (Insert catchy phrase here :P) Basically Pie Aibo's can have transfer Hp's and Full Heal. Transfer HP's allow you too take the pet's hp's and transfer to yourself, (Pie Aibo's have been known too have 2000 or great hp's by level 50.) I'm Sure you can see the benefits there.

Onto How too level your pets. I suggest that you choose just enough that you can use them all the time, and they can stay close too your level and grow with you, each to their own though. Choose a:
Arms pet (Fire is best I've noticed) an
Armor Pet (Pie Aibo / Earth Bomb (Earth Aibo) (as mentioned earlier in this guide)
Combat Pet - Metal Lion, or a Fire pet ( or even the Pie Aibo as a quick heal but I really suggest a strong pet for damage too compensate against the weak attack of a trader and use the Pie Aibo outside of combat to heal yourself and save on potions.) Wood Tiger is also a wonderful combat pet that can deal damage and take it.
Magic - Maybe a bit over kill but if you do choose a Magic pet I suggest choosing Black Sheep and at least get it high enough for goodwill too benefit your trader and work skills.

So Minimum 3 pets it may take you a bit longer too level but you become stronger and more powerful over all if you deal good damage unlike if you just started with the one "waterspider/redbeetle/mud slime/woodrat" pets. Trust me I died a lot originally in MY.
I followed my own advice with a new AOL I have made, Mud slime (Armor), Black Sheep(Magic), Metal Lion(Combat), and so far he lives and does not Die We'll see how he grows

75% is my own experience the rest is from this page Linked here The Info here was mostly suggestions on pets and I just copied that part the rest is my own ramblings and opinions from my experiences. I wish You all luck if you decide too make a trader and I hope this is more then enough information too explain and help you along. I lost my place a few dozen times but I hope it doesn't show too badly. Enjoy. MeFisher

Trader Guide

(This is outdated) however still relevant whomever wishes to update or provide a more detailed guide please do so. Linked here : )
(as a trader I shall update this with a Battle trader, Luck trader, and Work trader at a later time, MeFisher)

The Trader class is mainly used as a slave character for most people. They're ability to carry more weight per strength than all other character classes makes them perfect for working. But they can actually be a decent playable class. Their bargaining skill (if you want to get it) can get a real return in cash when you're selling or bying from NPCs. And their bribing and treachery skills can actually be useful for more than just leveling up the skill. Giving them the dodge and speed skill along with fist and they become a pretty formidable combat class. But you're probably not going to rule the world with a trader, so if you want earth shaking power, I would rethink choosing this class. This class is all about money.

Getting Started:
This class is not normally used as a combat type character. And even more rarely used as a main character. And there's good reason it's not. And that reason is that the two skills you get as a trader don't help you in combat very much at all. And the abilities you do get that are helpful are available to all three journeyman classes. The Collection helps you find more loot and items after combat. This helps you get more money, the higher the level, the more money you get. And you'll need every bit of that money if you plan on leveling up the bribe skill. The bribe skill can only be used successfully when in a party or if you have a pet in combat mode. This skill bribes the selected enemy into not attacking you, and therefore it will target other members and leave you alone. However it costs 20 times the creatures level. Treachery however is more useful, funnier, and more expensive. For 40 times the beasts level you can have the targeted creature attack other beasts instead of members of your party. These skills are useful in battle, but they are very costly. If you plan on getting this skill to level 30, it'll cost you in the area of 200-300k. But after you reach level 30, you get bargaining. Which, if you keep this character long enough, you'll get a lot of use and deals out of. So if you choose this class as your main class and mean to make a fully active character, be prepared to do a lot of work.

As for your speed and dodge skills. Dodge, like collecting will level up on it's own. So that leaves Speed. Use your speed skill as much as you can. This one won't cost you money so throw it around in every battle you get into from the start. Casting this as many times as possible before level 10 is the way to go. Since healing is free below level 10 at the hospital. This means every time you run out of mp you can just jump into the hospital and grab some more free of charge. The later skills of hide and invisibility will help you out immensely.

Stat Distribution:
For a trader, unlike other journeyman classes, I'll suggest you do pump just a little con. About 25 would be a good point to stop at. You should be able to get that in just a couple of levels. Then of course your main stats will be strength and dexterity. 2 strength to 1 dexterity should be a good way to pump. You will want a good bit of dexterity, both to help your hit rate and dodge. I will not say anything about pumping luck or only strength. Those are work slave traders. Here I'll be guiding you on making a FULL FUNCTION trader. Not just a lazy little slob of a character who never has to venture outside of the valley of fear. If you want one of those... make it yourself, it's pretty simple.

Now that you're at level 10, you've finally become a trader.
Now you have your two extra skills, bribery and collection. Collection will level up on it's own, so don't worry about that one. But bribery, you have to use. I won't tell you to use it constantly, like I do with other class skills. Because that can not only be a huge pain in the ass, but it can be extremely expensive. Use bribe when you can. Just throw it around in battles here and there. Low level monsters are cheaper, but they don't bring as much experience to your skill. So keep that in mind when you're using it. By the time you get Treachery you will probably have a lot more money to throw into it and be playing around with that skill.

Unlike the martial artist you don't get the higher level fist skills. So you're stuck dealing small melee damage to single targets. For this reason, I recommend that you get a combat pet for your trader. One that can dish out and take a good bit of damage. Since you'll probably be low on Int you might want to stick with two pets for this class. This makes your decision a bit hard. Because with three different good types of pets to choose from, this may put you at a quandary. In one hand you can have a nice combat pet, and a good armor pet, but that would leave your attack fairly weak. But in the other hand you can have a combat pet and a weapon pet, but that would leave your armor weaker. I would go with this second choice since the trader has the nice dodge skills. This will make an armor pet slightly less useful than a good weapon pet. That's just my recommendation though, you may choose not to have a combat pet at all.... But like I said, I highly recommend that you do.

Healing/Combat - Light owl, light sheep, gem crawler, rice bunny, light pegasus, light cloud, metal slug, metal crawler, gold cloud, flaming pegasus, red beetle, red butterfly.

Weapon Enhancement- Red Beetle, Flame Pegasus, and Red Butterfly. Fire Bear, Fire Skeleton, and Flame Tiger.

Armor Enhancement-

Pure Defense- Wood Crab, Pie Aibo, Wood Poli, Wood Hog

Defense and Dodge (recommended if you choose to have armor pet)-
Mud Slime, Mutt, and Earth Poli Earth Aibo


A note about Trader barganing skill from MeFisher


Hello, due to the fact I have waisted alot of time and Money on my barganing skill I felt it relevant to work up my slave trader to get barganing also to verify all the results.

At Level 30> +60% selling to npc, Buying from npc 6.4% gain.
At level 31> +60.3% selling to npc, buying from npc 6.8%

This means: .3% increase selling to npc, and a .2% buying from npc per level.

(Ugg) This alone does make leveling the barganing skill useless. Either there will be a future use for the barganing skill or they re-adjust it at a later time. My personal sugestion. Don't level past 30, except as using treason to battle with. Cause it realy is not worth it.

To get the actualy percentage I don't know the forumla however I did have a friend help me. However to reverse verify I can do.

Level 30: sold to npc 1 leather armor npc price 557 I gained: 891 from npc.
557x60%=334 + 557=891

Level 30: Bought from npc 1 special herb digger(800) discount bonus 752.
752x6.4%=48.128 +752 =800.128(assume rounding down)

Level 31: Sold to npc 1 leather armor npc price 546 I gained 875. (This was different grade of armor)
546x60.2= 328.692=874.692 (rounded up =875)
or! ( 546x60.3=329.238+546=875.238 rounded down 875

Level 31: Bought from npc 1 special herb digger (800) discount bonus 751.
751x6.4%=48.815+751=799.815 (rounded up 800)

To save me some "headaches" of another long level
I took my trader (MeFisher)'s trading level
level 44 barganing

Level 30 / 60%
44/4.2 ( 64.2% a level for me to npc) so that shows that it's a .3% per level growth

My thanks go to Aires for original helping with my calculations, Myself (cause having to level trader skill from level 3 - 30 in one night :-P, and a friend who doesn't wana be named.