Bladesman Guide

Old Guide

(This is outdated) however still relevant whomever wishes to update or provide a more detailed guide please do so. Linked here : )

The Bladesman class is an excellent beginner class. But don't think they're weak because of that. The bladesman class isn't as focused in damage as the swordsman, but it can attack entire rows at a time. This makes it much better for soloing in dungeons with high mob spawns. A good bladesman can go into a dungeon and one hit kill an entire row of mobs, making the battle averageing 2 turns only. But don't think they're concentrated damage is weak, they can still do some serious damage.

Getting Started:
This class is completely different from the other two warrior classses (no cut and paste for me :-(..). But the beginning is the same. Get your impact up quickly. Use it as much as possible. Every hit if you can. Remember, since you're below level 10, healing is free at the hospital, so if you get low on MP, go back and fill 'er up. Then go impact some more. Once you actually become a bladesman you'll find yourself leveling your main abilities more, so getting up impact early on is a more than good idea.

Stat Distribution:
Since this is also a warrior class, constitution is an important stat. Get it up early on. For this class most people don't pump quite as much con as they do with sword and axemen. The reason being is that the bladesman class isn't in battle long enough to take too many hits most of the time. With their row damage spells they can mop the floor with the entire field before substaining too much, if any damage. So I would recommend keeping the constitution a tad on the low side. Around 35 is always a good number in my book. Even lower if you want. From that point, you'll want a lot of dexterity too. Since you'll be hitting rows of enemies, dexterity is slightly more important than strength. Let me give you a low level scenario to demonstate the reasons behind what I'm saying.

Swordsman versus 2 light sheep on row one.

Swordsman casts Windy sword against light sheep one, 350 damage done, light sheep dies.

Swordsman casts Windy sword against light sheep two, 340 damage done, light sheep dies.

Bladesman versus same mob.

Bladesman casts Lightning blade. Light sheep one takes 180 damage, light sheep two takes 220 damage, both sheep die.

These figures were all just made up off the top of my head as an example, don't investigate them for facts. If you understand what I'm saying here, that should show you why bladesman need more dex. The swordsmen have a lot of power, but all that power isn't always necessary if you can't hit the target. Having higher dex reduces your chances of missing.

So now that you've seen that, I suggest an alternating stat pump for the bladesman. 2 strength 1 dex for 1 turn, 2 dex 1str for the next. Then alternate them back and forth. And as a last minute edit before posting this.

Now that you're at level 10, you've finally become an bladesman.
Now you've gotten 2 new skills: Double Combo and Blade. From this point on you should ALWAYS use a blade. If you use a weapon other than a blade, all of your bladeskills will be unusable and will not level. Now you should get started on leveling up your double combo. This skill just gives you two consecutive normal hits on a single target, but it's much more useful once you get it to triple and quadruple combo, so get cracking. blade you won't have to worry about, the level 1 skill levels on it's own, then at level sword skill level 15, you'll get lightning blade.

Like the other two warrior classes you'll probably want to stick with the normal sword and armor pets. You won't need a combat pet with this class at all, and you should never miss having one if you're used to them. With your ability to beat everything up in two rounds, your pet would just sit there picking it's nose most of the time anyway. I do recommend the higher dex strength pets for this class, to help your hit rate along. I've even added a list of water pets as you may want to use them in certain areas, but that's by choice, I won't be making a water weapon training section.

Weapon Enhancement- Red Beetle, Flame Pegasus, and Red Butterfly. Fire Bear, Fire Skeleton, and Flame Tiger. Water Beetle, water butterfly, hovering stone, and water skeleton.

Armor Enhancement- Wood Crab, Pie Aibo, Wood Poli, Wood Hog

Where should I go to beat things up now?
As a bladesman you have more freedom of training than the other warrior classes do. With this class you're free to solo in the cave areas with little to no problems. This will make experience grabbing and level gaining far faster for this class. You should gain levels quickly.

10-15- Unfortunately, this early in the class you'll still want to stick close to the villages, you won't be able to use your lightning blade till blade level 15. Just find a spot where the pets levels are about the same as yours and go whack them around. This would be places like behind the earth temple in northern grasslands, southern grasslands, GB Suberbs (outer circle of goldburg), or even the far back of Smiling Forest.

15-20- All right, hopefully your blade is either at or close to level 15. If it's not at level 15 yet, stay around western grasslands or dwarf hill until it gets there. Or you could even go up against lower level badies in your 10-15 training areas to train your blade skill up more without getting as much exp. Once you do get your lightning blade skill you can venture into the cave areas. Rat caves, slime cave, and puppet kings cave. Go around those places and wreak some havoc on those places. Sometimes you'll enter a fight with a set of 6 mobs all in one row. This is what I like to call fun chopping time. Anyway you should be able to train extremely easily from this point on.

20-25- At this point I reccomend you stick to level 2 of the slime or rat caves. You'll be wracking up some great experience there.

25-30- Here again sticking to slime cave is your best bet for the most part. Once your experience from light/dark slimes starts to diminish, head into level 3 for some more fun whacking.

30-35- Here you can venture into some higher places. Candy Mountain, Crystal Mountain, and Pineapple hill. Anyway, around these places you should find your element as an advantage and get some great experience. Just watch out for those metal pets... they can be hell on your armor enhancement if it's wood. But your defense should be high enough it won't be too bad. You can also venture into some of the other caves, such as the Tanrana maze or underground maze.

35-40- Here you're probably going to find the dark caves and moon glow a couple of your best experience bets.

40 and beyond- Here, like all other classes, you can still solo level for a while longer, but eventually, you're going to need to find yourself an AoD to help until the new patch comes out (which might even be before anyone reads any of these... in that case I guess I'll have some more writting to do..)