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General Info: Swammy's Beastmaster guide :

General Info

Some General Information to Follow while attempting to catch a Pet.

Remember if its health is too high, you won't be able to capture it, if it's health is too low, it may flee. If you are not able to catch it, you can always negotiate a trade with someone who can.

To Capture a pet, firstly you will need a capsule. These are available in several "levels", each type can take a higher level of pet. Level 1 Capsule for example, will hold pets from levels 1 through 20. These can be bought at pet shops, higher levels are not so readily available.
The most important things a Beastmaster needs to know about capturing pets are:

Make sure your capsule is in one of your Quick Use Slots

Level Range
Capsule 1 1-20
Capsule 2 1-40
Capsule 3 1-60
Capsule 4 1-80
Capsule 5 1-100

Damage the pet as much as possible to make capture easy
Have high charm to assist with easy capture
A capsule will not be used if you fail to capture the pet, so you can try as much as you need.

A beast master requires a certain amount of Beast Lore to catch pets of certain levels. The higher the level of pet, the harder it is to catch. The higher the Beast Lore, the easier it becomes to catch them. Once the pet is caught, whilst the beast master may catch pets which are a lot higher in level than himself, a capsule may not be opened by someone who's level is too low to control the pet. A pet may not be more than 5 levels higher than its master's. If the pet is being caught so that it may be reset for a lower level to use it then you may have the pet traded to you once it is out of a capsule.

Sometimes it is needed, or desired to reset a pet back to level 1, this sometimes allows for better stats and growth rate, or for a lower level character to use a pet which would normally be to high in level. In the case of a light pet, it can also allow for the random growth pattern to be changed. The cost for this depends on the level of the pet:


(This is outdated) however still relevant whomever wishes to update or provide a more detailed guide please do so. Linked here : )
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The Beastmaster class is quite a common class nowadays, but most people use them for the sole purpose of catching pets. A good BM however can pump out some serious combat damage using the right pets. Having dodge and pet training skills allows you to stay away from the danger and let your pet do the pounding. So really the most important aspect of being a beastmaster would be your pets. Choose wisely and you'll be soloing wherever you want.


Swammy's Beast Master Guide

This guide is based on my own personal experience, and is by no means a ‘must’. It is merely my suggestions to have a build equal to mine (which works very well for me). Ok, now that I have that little disclaimer out of the way, I can now move on to the meat and potatoes of this guide.

A Beastmaster (which I shall call BM for short from now on) is a very fun character to play. After playing my mage for a year, I got tired of magic and wanted to try something new. With the right pets, and the right stats, you can fight nearly anywhere! Here’s how I built my beastmaster, and my guidance as far as playing goes.

First you will want to choose your race. Keep in mind that different races grow differently. I tried two different Beastmasters before I finally settled on the one that I play with right now. What did I do? I chose to be a human girl BM. Her stats happened to fall nearly perfect where I wanted them. Trial and error is the best idea here. Try out a character, and if you aren’t happy with the results by lvl 10, then restart a new character. Your first levels in the game are very important, as they set the ball rolling for future levels.

Ok, you’ve got your race chosen. Now you’re gonna want to play it pretty much like ANY character will play it. Pump up your con. Every time you level, add all your stat points to con. How much con you add is ultimately up to you. Some people suggest 40, some people suggest 50. Hell, I’ve even seen some people suggest 80 con!!! I chose a good intermediate number of 45. Con is very important. It dictates how many hitpoints you gain at each levelup. The more con you have earlier on, the more HP you will end up with in the long run. If you have the patience to get your con up to 50, then go for it. Just keep in mind that this delays your ‘pet catching’ by a few levels (which I’ll get into momentarily).

Once you’ve got your con up to where you want it, you should be anywhere from lvl 10 to lvl 15. This is normal. Now is where you switch your strategy up. From now on, add 2 dex and 1 charm every time you level. Do this until you are faster than any of the mobs you fight. Dex is very important, but I do think that some people over-rate it. For now just make sure you are the fastest sumamubush out there.

Ok, so now you’re fast and you wanna know what to do next. Switch it up, of course! Now switch over to adding 2 charm and 1 dex every level up. Keep doing this until both your dex and charm are equal. Again….this may take a while. Don’t become disheartened.

A common mistake that many people make is that they want to go out and start catching pets right away as soon as they hit lvl 10 and become a beastmaster. This WILL NOT WORK!! If you build your BM properly, I wouldn’t expect to be catching pets until you hit lvl 25 or 30. There is nothing wrong with that, and it just makes it that much easier on you. Think of it like this. You’re lvl 30 trying to catch a lvl 10 pet. You can sit there all day and get attacked by it and not have to worry. It’s not like the pet is going to kill you anytime soon. You could probably go afk for about 20 minutes while in a battle, and still come back and be alive. Ok, but back to the topic. I didn’t start catching pets until I hit lvl 25. Your stats are not spread out even enough and good enough at the lower lvls. Your dex is all out of whack, and your charm is fairly low. If you try to catch pets too early in the game, it is most likely that you will frustrate yourself and give up!! Take my advice and wait the extra time. It is well worth it, and you will thank me for it later.

Now that that is out of the way, back to your stat building. Once your charm and dex are equal, you’ll want to keep them that way. So alternate btwn 2 dex/1 charm and 2 cha/1 dex on your level ups to keep both stats as close together as possible. I am lvl 43 at the moment and still have both stats equal.

That’s about it as far as your character leveling goes. You may decide to add a few points here and there to strength or whatever you choose. It’s up to each individual player how they want to do it.

BM Skills

BM’s rely on their Beast Lore to help them catch pets. Theoretically, the higher your lore is, the easier it is to catch pets. To me, the driving factor for raising my lore was to get the next BM skill.

You start off with the basic skill of ‘Ensnare’. It is an automatic skill. The higher this skill is, the more chance of successfully capping a pet you have. Like I said..this is in theory and I have yet to prove or disprove it. The best way to raise lore from the beginning is to throw your capsule. Find out what people want, and toss as many caps around as you can. The key phrase here is “Find out what people want”. Being a new BM, you’re gonna want to run around Fairyland trying to cap every single beast that you see. Try to avoid doing this, as you will end up with a bunch of useless pets that nobody wants, and you’ve wasted 5000 gold per capsule. It’s not a very nice way to go if you’re concerned about your wealth.

Once you get your lore to 15, you get a skill called ‘Observe’. It is a simple skill that merely shows you the pet’s HP. I suggest using this in every single battle, regardless of whether you are trying to cap a pet or not. If you pay attention before and after battles, you will notice that it raises your lore. It goes fast at first, then slows down as your lore level increases.

Lore 30 is the skill that I really was looking forward to. That is when you get “Entrap”. It’s debatable if it actually helps, but I use it every battle and have convinced myself that it works. This skill is said to seriously increase your chances of capping a pet.


A BM relies on their pets to do their dirty work for them. This being the case, I suggest you find yourself a pretty hefty pet to be your comrade. I used a reset metal tiger for my main combat pet. The con/str/str growth is a great combination because while your pet gains a good amount of HP at levelups, it also grows with lots of strength, and can do some superb combos to the mobs. Some people don’t like metal, because it is super-susceptible to fire. I ignored these people and am still happy with my outcome.

You may choose to have a backup combat pet. This is a good idea. If your primary pet dies in combat, it’s a shame to have nothing to fall back on. Some have suggested a fire str/str pet. Not a bad suggestion if you ask me. Keep the alternate pet equipped on your arms at all times. It will give you an added boost to your physical attacks, and at the same time will level the same as your primary pet. In a pinch, you can pull it out and use it as your combat pet. Fire is also good, because it does some major damage, and isn’t very easily harmed.

Every BM needs a poison pet. Again…look for a pet that has some con growth. While you’re gonna be wanting a pet with high int growth (for better poisoning), you’ll also want a pet that can survive a few blows. For this, I got myself a dark bell. It grows in con/int. This is a little expensive, and I’m sure you can find a cheaper pet with similar/same growth. Some BM’s prefer a dex/int pet such as a dark Pegasus. This is entirely up to you. With the new Aladdin patch, you can find yourself a decent +30 or +40 dex carpet and more than make up for the loss of dex. What you CAN’T find is a con+30 or con+40 carpet….so this is why I say get a con/int pet.

Armor: I don’t use a pet in armor. I do, however, have a wood aibo in my possession. I only use him to transfer HP. Any Fairylander will tell you that aibos are great pets because they can give all their HP to you, and then heal themselves back up. Aibos also have PRO amounts of hp, which means that they can more than refill your hp…even at levels much lower than yours. The cost of this skill is just a tad bit of MP, which is easily refilled.

I don’t see the need for any more pets, but you are probably going to want more. So just do yourself a favor and make sure the pets you get are of some use to you.


Everyone needs friends. Some key people that you will want to acquaint yourself with are Priests/Priestesses, and Schemers of Darkness. These people will become a tremendous help to you when you are out trying to catch the much higher lvl pets. I wouldn’t rely on them completely…meaning: Go out and try to catch pets on your own. Consider it a luxury to have a priest/SOD come with you. If you can only catch pets with a priest/SOD, then you are actually pretty useless. You will find many more happy customers, and get much more admiration if you are able to catch pets on your own. The only time I use a priest/SOD is when I know I am out of my league in the mobs I’m fighting.

Priests: can paralyze whole mobs with their 456 spells
SOD’s: can paryalze a single beast at a time. I personally think it works better than a Priest’s.


As an ‘up and coming’ BM, here’s a few pointers you may want to put into practice. These are suggestions that I have come up with to help make your business easier, and to help you get a good reputation among the Fairyland community.

Capsules (called caps from now on) currently come in 5 varieties:

Capsule lvl 1: catch pets lvl 1-20
Capsule lvl 2: catch pets lvl 1-40
Capsule lvl 3: catch pets lvl 1-60
Capsule lvl 4: catch pets lvl 1-80
Capsule lvl 5: catch pets lvl 1-100

Always keep a collection of caps on you. Try to do the cap quests so that you have a small stockpile of cap2’s and cap3’s. If you can get your hands on a few cap4’s, then that’s a good thing to do too. I always use my own capsules to catch a pet, and then trade the customer the pet for the cap after I have caught it. This will do 2 things for you. It’s a good show of faith from your customer’s point of view for one. Another way this behooves you is that you don’t have to worry about forgetting if the customer gave you the cap or not. I highly suggest that you ensure your customer has the cap to repay you once the pet is caught. If you are not sure of this, then you could end up being stuck with a pet you don’t need. Depending on the pet, you may have a difficult time ridding yourself of it if the customer doesn’t have a cap in exchange.

One thing that has been recently improved on is the availability of cap2’s. It used to be that cap2’s were only quest items, and there were not many in circulation. Since the release of the Aladdin Patch, cap2’s have become available in Baghdad for a staggering 75k per cap. If you are in need of a cap2, then this is one way to go about getting one. If a customer doesn’t have a cap2 available, but still wants a cap2 pet, then you can charge them the full price of 75k to make up for your replacement cap.

The next matter is a matter of personal preference. What to charge a customer. For me, being a beastmaster isn’t my primary profession. I get my money from elsewhere. For some of you, you may decide to make a profession out of capping pets, and need to figure out a price to sell them at. Here is my suggested retail price:

Pets lvl 1-20 : Cap +1k (or 6k)
Pets lvl 21-40: Cap +5k (or 80k)
Pets lvl 41-60: Cap +10k (I don’t suggest selling for straight cash)

If a customer has a specific request, then you may decide to charge teleportation fees. I don’t charge anything for the pets except for the cap and Teleportation fees.

That is just a suggestion. I personally wouldn’t pay more than what I listed for a pet. Also take into consideration that some pets may be rarer than others. A good example of this is the flame tiger and the rice bunny. They are very useful pets, but not easily accessible. You have to get a mirror from Guru (lvl 60ish mobs) in a random drop before you can get access to the nameless cave where they reside. After you get access to the cave, you have to find your way to the flame tigers (which isn’t very easy I tell you). For a pet such as this, I normally charge 100k flat out…no cap or anything. I’ll catch a batch of flame tigers and put them on sale in the market. This makes for a decent profit of 25k per pet IF they all sell.

Merging rather than resetting

Another thing to consider when capping pets is this: What is the purpose of the pet and how is it going to be used? Is it a pet that is going to be reset? If so….then think about it logically. Resetting a pet is rather costly. A sometimes cheaper method would be a pet merge. It only costs 5k to merge a pet. So if you take 2 cap2’s at 75k each, add in the 5k for the merge: and you’re only paying 155k to get a brand new lvl 1 pet. A bonus to this is that your pet will start off with slightly higher stats than a plain reset pet. Take this thought into consideration when you are capping pets. You may want to make a good habit of catching doubles. It will keep your prospective customers happy, and may make your pets a little more marketable.

Some Pet suggestions

Now, I know that you’re not going to listen to a word that I’ve told you up to this point. You aren’t going to wait on a customer’s order. You’re not going to wait until lvl 25 to catch a pet. You’re just going to go out there on your own and try to catch pets. Yeah, you’re gonna get more frustrated than not…but I understand your urge. So let me make a few suggestions as to which pets to cap so that you don’t end up with a bank full of useless crap:

Black sheep: Mages and AOD’s and Priests use black sheep because of their high int growth. If you’re going to cap anything, I suggest this be the first pet you go after. Try to get the level 1 sheep, since they do not require resetting, and can be used right out of the cap. You can find these on the outskirts of Gion or Greenville

Mud Crawlers: These make some decent armor pets. I wouldn’t suggest getting a whole bunch of these, but maybe 3 or 4 at a time so that you have some on stock…but not enough to be detrimental if nobody buys. You can find them on the outskirts of Goldberg

Red Beetles: Some people like these because they are pretty good on strength growth. Again…try to keep only a few of them in stock at any given time just in case you run into trouble trying to sell them. Found on the outskirts of Gion and Greenville.

Light Owls: These things are probably some of the most difficult pets to catch at lower levels. They will run more often than not, and you will likely pull out your hair before you catch one. They are highly sought after among the lower level characters though, because they can heal their owner. These, along with the black sheep, will probably be the majority of what you will get requests for at low level. Found right as you leave Bluebird and enter Bluebird Suburbia.

Those are a few suggestions as to pets to catch. They’d be more worth your while than just randomly throwing capsules at anything and everything that moves.


Ok….the last part of my guide will be how to cap a pet. This is probably the meat and potatoes of being a BM. Why become a BM if you can’t cap a pet?’s my basics of how to cap.

First you’ll want to clear the mob of all but the one pet you want. The faster you can do this, the better. It is a proven fact that your chances of capping decrease the more rounds you wait. First thing you’ll want to do once your pet is alone is to use ‘observe’, and throw poison with your poison pet. If you have ‘entrap’, you’ll want to throw that as well (I throw entrap before I throw observe). After that, consistently throw the cap and dodge with your pet. Do this until either your monster is capped, or it has run away. It’s as simple as that. Keep in mind that the lower the pet’s hp, the easier it will be to cap it. Try to get it’s hp to 1. This is why you use poison. Poison will drain the pet’s hp a set amount every round until it gets to 1.

I highly suggest placing your most commonly used commands into your shortcut bar. I use F8 as my ‘cap’ button. This will make your battles much smoother, and you’ll learn that you couldn’t have lived without them!

Ok…this was a rather hastily put together guide, but I hope I included everything in it. Remember…what I say here is merely a suggestion, not a rule book. Your character is ultimately up to you. Make the best of it, and enjoy the game.

-Brought to you by the wonderful and fantastic swammy-

A few other notes:
Leveling Beastlore - to level beastlore throw a cap at a pet that is +5 levels higher then your beastlore level, You get a "%" for each "almost" catch. Helps if your doing con only too start.