Acolyte of Light Guide


AOL Light Magic Leveling Information:

(This is outdated) however still relevant whomever wishes to update or provide a more detailed guide please do so. Linked here : )

The Acolyte of Light class. This class is pure support. This is the only class in the game that can revive someone after they've fallen in battle, this makes them almost essential in some situations. Like in boss fights when you can get 1 KOed, you're going to want a couple of AoLs there to keep you up and fighting. Also they have the ability to regenerate their own HP and have great healing spells. Combine these facts with prayer and with this class you'll never need a single potion or stimulant.

Getting Started:
Ok, now if you read the basic info section before diving into this, you'd have learned not to go straight into the diviner apprentice. Spending your first 10 levels as a warrior apprentice is a much better idea. As a diviner pre-mage, you have no skills to level as an apprentice. So having the warrior skills and ability wear armor and use weapons will help you quickly get to level 10. Then once you hit level 10, drop the warrior apprentice, then pick up diviner and go get your acolyte of light class. Now you have some spells to use.

Stat Distribution:
The acolyte of light is a hard class to pick stats for. Constitution can help a diviner, yes. But there is little importance for constitution in the acolyte of light, as it can heal. This along with prayer and you have yourself a class that'll never need pots in it's entire existence. So where to put stats? Of course you'll need MP, and of course you'll want dexterity. This will help you have a larger pool of mana to draw from to help in battle, and the dexterity will help you cast first, so you can heal or revive people before the combat takes place. But you will want constitution, just about as much as the other diviner classes. A good 25-30 con in the beginnning of the game will go a long way. After that you may want to do the normal 2 int to 1 dexterity stat pump.

Now that you're at level 10, you've finally become an acolyte of light.

Much like the other diviner classes, you want to use your spells in combat as much as possible. The higher your light magic skill, the better your spells are and the more spells you get. Unfortunately, since most all of your spells are healing and support spells, your pets will be your source of combat and protection. Which brings us to our next subject.

For an acolyte of light the combat pet is probably the most important if you plan on training up your AoL yourself. This makes it different from training a mage. But as far as armor and magic enhancement goes, you'll notice the list is the same for all diviner classes there. But since an AoL doesn't necessarily need a healing pet, the combat pet list is different.

Combat - gem crawler, gold crawler, metal slug, gold cloud, flame pegasus, red beetle, etc. Pretty much any good decent combat pet, that you can take out and have it do all your fighting.

Magic Enhancement- Black sheep, Big Bad Wolf, Dark Rat, and Dark Unicorn.

Armor Enhancement-

Pure Defense- Wood Crab, Pie Aibo, Wood Poli, Wood Hog

Defense and Dodge- Mud Slime and Mutt

Where should I go to beat things up now?
Unfortunately, you're an acolyte of light, beating things up isn't quite in your contract. Hopefully though you have a useful combat pet, or plan on getting one soon. Otherwise, you might just want to stick with party training. As an AoL, you won't find it very hard to get yourself in a party. But since your pet will be beating things up for you, you giggle at it from the back row, you'll want to stay in open air places (outside, meaning not in caves). This will lower your encounter rate, so instead of going into a cave and running into 6 mobs at a time, you stay outside and run into a maximum of 4 mobs at a time.

10-15- Here you'll want to stay close to home, valley of fear, goldburg suberbia, puppet hill, southern grasslands, north in the northern grasslands.






40 and beyond-

AOL Light Magic Leveling Information:
One cycle (Battle)
10 Cherubic Chorus & 1 Holy Blast,

Using fighting doll

Set A
xp ring 30,
necklace 5 int,
wand lm +5 luck +5
17 Cycles / Battles = 10% increase in LM

Set B
Same as A without the exp ring.
18 Cycles / Battles = 10% Increase in LM.

Set C
Same as B without Necklace.
18 Cycles / Battles = 10% Increase in LM.

Set D
Same as B with a +5 int wand instead of LM Wand
18 Cycles / Battles = 10% increase in LM

Thank you Fortuna for testing, Testing was done in the Newbie cave. - Level 60 Architect of Light
Light Magic - level 57

Note: It costs about 3k per heal/mana gain from the NPC healer in the newbie dungeons.
Note: another good location to level lightmagic is the Thieves Cave level 2, but not a good idea to do it on a fighting doll as they are so rare in USA fairyland these days.

The reason to use a Light Int/Int pet for an AOLl is there is a bennifit if your an AOL. Same as using a dark/ int/int pet for an AOD.